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A Different Way To Burn Calories


Posted by Cherry Houston | Posted in Losing Weight | Posted on 05-05-2011


The 1000 calorie challenge is neither a quick fix nor a no effort weight loss program. This is the 1st thing it is clear about. Anyone desiring to use it must choose and be willing to act on and be consistent.

Since the program doesn’t require any level of fitness; any person at any age can start. The principle used by this weight loss systems is very simple; once more calories get consumed, then a person consumes fats must be burned.

The 1000 calorie program uses two very unique systems. System one works by manipulating the reps (number of repetitions resistance), rest (the length of the rest period between workouts) and rounds the number of times a workout is completed to achieve results. This enables the quick lasting results the program claims to deliver.

The second system being based on the transcending from standard sets through two sets to the ultimate insane circuits.

Joel Marion and Arnel Ricafranca are the ones who formed the 1000 calorie challenge. They trained thousands of people over the years. It is claimed that they hold degrees in health, nutrition and exercise science.

Two men Joel Marion and Arnel Ricafranca are claimed to have formed the 1000 calorie challenge who even trained many clients for very many years. It is believed that they held degrees in health, nutrition and exercise science.

But the program uses calorie burning workouts coupled with a unique calorie burning diet. A video is included in the package with free exercise which shows and leads a person through every exercise and a resistance band version of all the workouts.

The complete system comprises of ten components and claims to have been tested on more than thirty people to serve as prove that the product actually works.

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