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Learn How To Treat Menopause Naturally


Posted by Liana Badea | Posted in Losing Weight | Posted on 28-04-2011


Menopause is a transitional change in a woman’s life when the menstrual function ceases and the body adjusts to a lower level of hormones.

Every woman is different, therefore every woman will have a different menopausal experience. Some women start natural menopause in their early forties, others in their fifties.

Many women consider menopause as a time of loss, as they lose the ability to bear children. Contrary, menopause should be viewed as a natural part of life process and a positive event in a woman’s life.

There is a psychological process involved in menopause. Modern society values the beauty and femininity associated with everlasting youth, resulting in a cultural devaluation of older women. This is actually the root of negativity associated with menopause. In many other cultures of the world menopause is seen as a positive part of life, when woman achieves respect as an elder member of society.

Seeing menopause as a natural and welcoming event reduces the intensity and frequency of menopause symptoms. If our society adopted this attitude and changed the cultural view towards older women, the symptoms of menopause would not exist.

Today menopause is commonly treated with conventional drugs, like hormone replacement therapy. While drugs provide immediate relief for some severe menopause symptoms, the relief is only temporary. Hormone replacement therapy is not a permanent cure. It is also a serious concern because of its cancer causing potential.

The natural alternative treatment is by far a better choice. Rather than use estrogen artificially, the natural approach focuses on improving psychology. The improvement can be accomplished through diet, nutritional supplementation, the use of botanical medicine, herbal supplements and exercise.

An increasing number of women, educated about natural alternative medicine are choosing the natural approach to menopause. There is much more available to menopausal women than drugs. There is in fact a full menu of natural prescriptions to help women get through this transition period without developing the complications associated with conventional therapy.

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